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Iceland bridal session

October 5, 2016

Oh sweet honey where to even begin. Iceland you’re one charming place with your never ending moss, waterfalls, wind, fog and wide open spaces. Your wedding dress should compliment who you are, a reflection of your beautiful brave soul. It should allow you to spend your day being yourself, barefoot and free. After all it’s your wedding […]

You don’t need a distinct reason to have your photos taken, our hearts revelation that someone else is every bit as valuable as ourselves is significant enough to document. I photographed Rachel + Chase’s wedding two years ago and when I heard from Rachel that she wanted an in home session I was pumped. I love shooting in clients homes, their own space, […]

I received an email from Kristen asking if I would be down to shoot a sunrise session with her and Matt the day after Anna + Andrews wedding in FL (Andrew is her brother). No doubt saying yes was the right decision. They’re the talented duo behind The2654project and we did this whole thing without coffee, not by choice, just high […]

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